Improve Your Brand’s Customer Experience

Improve your brand’s consumer experience and don’t find it hard to deal with all your clients anymore. With so many channels, devices, and technologies to conform to, the customer engagement becomes a weary task at times.

Any consumer, while trying to contact a brand, focusses on what works for them and not for the brand. In such circumstances, it proves helpful when an organization stays updated on the most accessible and current technologies. Morphs its consumer engagements program in an optimal manner.

Optimizing Consumer Engagement- What The Marketers Say?

Improving your brand’s consumer engagement and maintaining some degree of performance on a single channel takes time and is complex. However, as per the Digital Trends Survey of 2022, a majority of the 10,000 brand marketers involved in the study consider customer experience optimisation to be of paramount significance.

Marketers always struggle with finding a technology that is easy to implement and delivers value. They love a familiar tech that can provide an optimised, consumer friendly, and efficient way of interaction, and is easy to manage.

The Four Strategies

E-mail service platforms; biggest advantage is customer segmentation. E-mails allow message tailoring on a big scale. They are known for generating good ROI. They also help in extending the reach of any marketing design.

Retailers Association of India conducted a survey recently. It revealed that a whopping 85% of the retailers in India prefer e-mail marketing, when it comes to choosing a customer engagement channel.

A CRM system lets marketers manage every point of reference regarding consumer interaction, i.e. SMS, e-mails, social media, and call centres. It puts all customer related documents and information into one database, thus providing easy access to marketing officials.

However, since CRM handles many functionalities altogether, it could get a bit confusing to get the system working on the first try.

Facebook reaches one in every ten Indians despite being the most popular social media platform in the country. Yet, Facebook Audience Insight clearly states that the demographic of this user base falls below 24 years (47%) and 35 years of age.

This data points to an over-representation of an impressionable group of consumers on Facebook for most of the brands. In a similar manner, other such social media platforms that have a good enough reach in the Indian masses can help elevate any brand’s status.

Paid social media marketing helps improve search engine rankings and garner market insights while being cost-effective and very engaging for the customers.

One in every three client-side marketers (35%) use SMS. 29% use push notifications and 27% use mobile apps to optimise customer interaction and engagement.

There are 300 million users of the Internet in India. Over 50 percent of this number are strictly mobile-only users. It only seems obvious to pay more attention to consumer satisfaction factor by optimising mobile technologies.